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About Our Fish

We pride ourselves on the exceptional health and quality of our fish. Measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, all our fish are reared on-site at our farm, avoiding many problems associated with multi-sourced stock and their corresponding lack of bio security.


A rather fortunate chance encounter with an elderly gentleman in the late eighties and the removal of seven brood fish from an estate lake in Haslemere, led to the start of a breeding programme that continues to this day. All the originals (original Leney strain) are long since dead sadly but their progeny are with us still.

Due to our continuing selective breeding we have created some truly amazing carp. These Carp are healthy, robust, hard fighting with beautiful scaleation many of which are fully scaled mirrors. Our carp can grow to thirty pounds in as little as seven seasons if given the right conditions. We do not produce the most carp is the country but we think we produce the best looking and the fittest. Its quality not quantity that counts!!


We believe that we have developed the best strain of tench in the country. We rear our tench from one inch to over ten inches in one summer. Enough said. The second summer our tench average 1.5lb with the best fish topping 2 lb. These fish are well proportioned with beautiful colouration, large fins and extremely hardy.

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