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Fishery Management

Coarse Fish UK offers a professional fishery management service for landowners, angling clubs, and syndicates. We regularly undertake the netting of a wide variety of fisheries to remove unwanted fish, or to provide a stock survey for evaluation. We can guide fishery owners through the process of health checks to make sure all stock removal and restocking is carried out in the correct manner.

Whether you have an established fishery, or the initial ideas of building your own fishery, we can guide you through all the legal aspects through to landscaping and a sensible and sustainable stocking and maintenance.

Stock Management/Removal

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Fishery managers need to keep their stock healthy, of the right size and with the correct mix of species. Many fisheries are stocked repeatedly with the kind of fish anglers like to catch, although very often the fishery managers don’t remove offspring from these fish. This can quickly lead to overstocked ponds, with water quality and disease issues. Not to mention poor growth rates on their target fish.

Removal of the excess small fish is imperative on a properly managed fishery; this is especially important to those with few or no predators.

Fishery Construction

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We have seen many disastrous and badly constructed and ponds, where apparently the fishery owner had consulted the experts. We’ll do the job once, and the right way!

Fishery construction is not a case of just digging a big hole and hoping it holds water. At Coarse Fish UK we have our own dedicated driver/operators who undertake the construction to the highest standards at a fair price. We would carry out a thorough site assessment and will always try to provide the most cost-effective solution to suit your needs.