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Supplying quality carp and coarse fish to fisheries throughout the UK

Coarse Fish UK Ltd is owned and managed by Arron Standing, a graduate of Sparsholt College in Hampshire. His expertise in fish farming, fishery management and aquaculture, along with over 20 years experience have helped him to create one of the largest and most successful fish farms in the UK.

Our Aim
The aim of Coarse Fish UK is to provide the customer with the highest quality stock which we are proud to supply and our customers are very happy to receive. We aim to build long working relationships with the highest degree of trust with all our clients.

The Farms
We currently have two CEFAS Tier 1 registered fish farms based in West Sussex. The farms consist at present of 40 lakes covering over 100 acres. The lakes are all fed with water via natural springs which flow all year round. This water is of exceptional quality as its filtered through the chalk hills of the south downs national park. Each pond has a separate inlet and outlet making them fully controllable and isolated from the other ponds which is extremely important for bio security.

Our Carp

Carp from Coarse Fish UK

We are producing two strains of carp. The first is Redmire commons and mirrors which are some of the last remaining pure Donald Leney strain fish anywhere. These fish originated from the famous Redmire pool. Young fish were removed by the fishery manager and stocked on to the Knepp Castle Estate in West Sussex. When we took over this site, we were lucky enough to inherit these very special fish.

The Second strain is the Sussex Scaley. This is our own unique strain basically a blend of more modern strains including, Dinks, Sutton, Fisher’s Pond and of course Leney bloodline fish. We have been developing this strain for over 18-years. As the name suggests these fish have fantastic scale patterns but in addition to look’s they are fast growing, robust hard fighting fish with large tails. It is our hope that the Leney bloodline incorporated into this strain will increase the longevity of the fish and the signs are good as many customers have fish over 15 years old and still growing steadily.

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Specimen Carp

Specimen carp from Coarse Fish UK

These are carefully hand selected fish which show desirable characteristics and above average weight gains. Grown on in low stocking densities in our largest lakes full of natural food with their diet supplemented by the highest quality feeds these special fish will grow to over 30lb in seven summers (C7). We produce carp to over 40lb but these fish are usually ordered well in advance as availability is limited.

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We also produce large quantities of tench, and due to our continued selective breeding programme, we believe that we have the fastest growing strain of tench in the country. These tench average 1lb after their second summer (18-months old), and 2lb+ the following autumn. Larger size tench can also be grown to order.

Other Species
We also produce: Golden Tench, Crucians, Bream, Golden Rudd, F1’s, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Gudgeon.