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2016 Harvest availability

Coarse fish Uk will begin to harvest fish from late October/November 2017

We will have available:

Carp in all sizes from 2-3" up to 25lb

Approximate numbers of larger carp still available are: 4-9lb x 3000. 10-14lb x 500 fish. 14-19lb x 400 fish, 19-24lb x 150 fish. Order early to avoid disappointment.

Tench:  4-6"   6-8"  8-10"  1-2LB, 2-4lb

Roach/rudd: all sizes to 1lb+

Bream: 8-10"   1lb - 8lb

Crucians: 4-6", 6-8",8-10"

Perch: 4-6" 6-8" few larger fish

Special Offers

Tench: 20% off if you order 1000+ fish sizes 3-4",  4-6", 6-8"

Carp:  order 500lb+ and get 10% off

Quality Fish Grown To Order.

Coarse fish Uk will grow any size/amount of fish you require given the adequate time to do so.

If you require carp in the 20-30lb range or tench over 3lb it is best to order these fish well in advance.

A 10% deposit is required when the order is placed.